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Founded in 1971, Synthetic Specialties’ core business is technical sales and distribution of specialty polymers and minerals covering a vast scope of industries across the United States and Eastern Canada, Mexico and South America. Our product portfolio encompasses  specialty minerals and fine particle technology for food, pharmaceutical and electronics;  thermoplastic engineered elastomers,  adhesives and binders.  

The markets we serve include Foods and Confections, Printing Inks, Coatings and Adhesives, Wire & Cable, Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals, as well as a variety of plastic processors working in extrusion, custom compounding, injection molding, and solution coating. 

Our exposure into this extensive array of markets and industries enable the ability to cross-sell complementary products and solutions.  For prospective principals, this creates added visibility for their products solutions within these marketing channels.


Synthetic Specialties has established extensive, long standing relationships with our principals over the years all of which are the market leaders in their industry.  Our technical expertise, knowledge of our markets, and invaluable customer relationships have proven a winning advantage to our successes over the years.  We are always looking to expand into new markets and product mixes. Let us know how we can help assist in achieving your sales goals.

  • With over 40 years of experience within the polymer, chemical and mineral markets, Synthetic Specialties provides total technical support and services for all products and technologies sold.  

  • Our sales model supports both global distribution as well as sales and technical agent relationships.  We extend full transparency with all of our principals.
  • Sales coverage extends throughout North America including Eastern Canada, Mexico and parts of Central and South America.

  • Synthetic Specialties imports and exports globally with logistics capabilities to support shipments all over the world.  We also provide localized warehousing options for distribution customers.