Lubrizol advanced materials

As the inventor of Thermoplastic Polyurethane, Lubrizol Advanced Materials continues to lead the way in technology development, customer support, application advancements, technical insight as well as innovative products for an ever-changing marketplace.  TPU is a high performance, engineered polymer with durability and elasticity which bridges the gap between silicone and rigid polycarbonate.  Lubrizol is the largest TPU manufacturer in the world with some of the most recognizable trade names in marketplace.


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wire & cable

  •  Low smoke zero halogen Flame retardants
  •  High Heat – Rated at 125C under UL1581
  •  Hydrolytically stable, Antimicrobial resistant
  •  Superior abrasion and chemical resistance to PVC Olefinics 
  • Ideal for extruded jacketing or molded terminals and connectors

film & sheet solutions

  •  Available as Aliphatic or Aromatic in Polyester, Polyether, Polycaprolacton, Polycarbonate grades
  •  Hardnesses range from 70 Shore A to 80 Shore D
  •  BIO TPU made with renewable sourced raw materials 
  •  Fabric coating, calendaring, solution coating, and belting grades
  • Aliphatics for non yellowing applications:  Glass Lamination, Paint Protections, Graphic films 

high modulus & glass reinforced

  • ISOPLAST ETP –  Rigid TPU with high tensile strength and impact resistance. Excellent alternative to polycarbonate where stress cracking is an issue or coloring is difficult. 
  •  ISOPLAST offers dimensional stability of an amorphous resins and chemical resistance of crystalline resins. 
  •  ISOPLAST is available in clear, impact modified, glass filled 
  •  ESTALOC is a polyester based, glass filled Reinforced Engineered TPU
  • ESTALOC offers high flex modulus, dimension stability across a broad temperature range, excellent adhesion to variety of overmolding substrates  

electrostatic dissipative

  •  Permanent Static Control Polymers.  Can be reused or recycled without loss of ESD  protection
  •  Available in sheet or compound. Fillers include IDP alloys, carbon fiber, and carbon black.
  •  Host polymers include: polypropylene, polycarbonate, acrylic, ABS, PETG, TPU and others 
  •  Polymer alloy technology eliminates variability caused by insufficient filler loading or uneven anti-stat coating or different humidity levels
  • Suitable for thermoforming, injection molding, and extrusion processes

Lubrizol life sciences

  •  Key product brands Pellethane® TPU, Tecoflex™ TPU, Tecothane™ TPU, Isoplast® ETPU and Carbothane™ TPU
  • Aliphatic and aromatic polyether, polyester, polycarbonate chemistries. Hardness range from soft 65 Shore A to Rigid 80 Shore D.
  • Customizable color and Radiopacifier formulations available to meet specific requirements
  •  Medical grade TPU solutions ideal for wound care, cardiovascular, urology, orthopedic, drug delivery and others. 
  •  Lubrizol Life Sciences support their medical grade TPU by providing biocompatibility testing, heightened quality protocol consistent with the needs of the medical industry, including change notification.


  •  High Moisture Vapor Transmission (HMVT) 
  •  Optically clear, non yellow Aliphatic Resins for instrumentation and glass lamination
  •  Self healing Rigid TPU 
  •  TPU foaming solutions